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I am so honored to be featured in the prestigious and relevant anthology, Feminine Rising: Voices of power and Invisibility.

Feminine Rising: Voices of Power and Invisibility brings together international poets and essayists, both award winning and emergent, to answer these questions with raw, honest meditations that speak to women of all races, nationalities, and sexual orientations. It is an anthology of unforgettable stories both humorous and frightening, inspirational and sensual, employing traditional poetry and prose alongside exciting experimental forms. Feminine Rising celebrates women’s differences, while embracing the source of their sameness–the unique experience of womanhood.

My two poems, “DR: La Republica Dominicana” and “A Poem for the Waitresses on First Street” are featured in the book.


Mix & Mash


I first embodied the label, “poet activist,” after my victory in a local haiku contest, The Miami Herald Haiku Challenge 2011. I won with a haiku that exposed Florida’s pill mill industry and its connection to Kentucky’s number one cause of death: prescription pain pill overdose. The overdoses are the result of Florida’s I-75, nicknamed “Oxy Express.” Noticeably, I write on what concerns me about this world; remaining loyal to myself, the collection of poetry I currently dwell on huddles closely around the issues I carry in my hands and heart (to see a sample poem, click on the link below). The poetry book not only aims to represent the complexities of the individual in society, but also, it aims to display the relevance of unique, personal and creative expression. Essentially, this project illuminates the following themes: the role of the individual in the context of society and culture, the…

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latest book in conversational composition

This book takes the excess off most other Comp learning materials to derive an accessible, accurate, effective and more engaging writing resource. Fall is just around the corner!


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