Poem Published!

Every single time I send out a poetry submission to a literary journal or magazine, I encounter a conflict of thoughts, “Why did I send that third poem?! It sucks!” or “Did I sound too cocky on my cover letter?” or “Did I not sound professional enough?” “Why did I even bother wasting time on this journal?! It’s way out of my league!”

Basically, it’s a mental show, and it can, has and probably will again drive me crazy. However, when I do get a poem accepted for publication it is like hitting a personal record during a race, and I think, “I did it!”

“Old Cutler Waterhole” by Nicole Hospital-Medina (aka productiveprofessor) is now up and ready to be read in Canyon Voices Literary Magazine. Simply look into the Poetry section. My poem is the third poem in the section. It is on page 59, surrounded by talented fellow writers’ works. I am deeply honored.

You can read the issue here, Canyon Voices Literary Magazine, Issue 10, Fall 2014.

Enjoy a preview of the issue below:

Check out new poem publication

What a great cover right?!

New poem published!

I’m in there; I swear! 😉 See my poem, Old Cutler Waterhole, in the POETRY section.

Click here to read poem (pg. 59) and entire issue. It’s a super pleasant online setup for reading. Even the turning of pages makes little paper sounds. It adds warmth to the read somehow.


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