The Internet Caves in on Us

As the internet caves in on us, it’s not seeming to destroy us. I feel pretty normal; I feel pretty happy. I’m writing more. I’m learning new concepts. When a squirrelly mood takes hold; I can go to the internet. Before all the blogs and compulsive learning took hold, I used to workout. A lot. Okay, compulsively. They tell me I was skinny. Was I?

Today, I am blogging. I want to workout, but on this second week of the semester, blogging preoccupies my brain. I can put my feet up and think about things. For example, do I have arthritis in my right hand’s thumb? It’s been aching a little, on occasion, more so when I’m on the iPad for a while. Who knows?

Blackboard is now my job, a system of order that helps prop me up throughout semesters. I’ll admit it, I like teaching more with it. Students have already started blogging. They have to blog about one post a week. They must comment on each others’ blogs. They do the work more regularly now. They know I’ll be reading it pretty immediately as in within a week’s time, unlike a paper, which does not offer immediate consistent feedback. Also the students are reading each others’ blogs. There’s just a bit more self-motivation when they know they’re peers are reading too.

See even here, I’ve changed tones a little bit. From a relaxed point of view to my clear concise “writing center” voice.

This blog is a free write.IMG_0739.JPG

I have never published any rough free writes before. What is this piece of writing? It’s the roughest draft. A brainstorm, of what exactly? No, it’s not a brainstorm; it’s not a draft. It had no body drawn out for it, no skeletal structure. This is me, documenting some thinking. Taking notes on my thoughts?

Do these thoughts have value? Is this writing reading-worthy? Are these sentences trustworthy? No? Because they are disordered? Or are they truth because they are unplanned?

I suppose it’s up to the reader to decide. Is this how Hunter S. Thompson wrote? Not in content, but in process? Thinking and documenting?

I’ll stop here.


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