Still, the Same Questions

I’m a jack of many trades. I’m a prism of personalities. An aficionado of all the challenges I’ve faced as as well as the ones coming. At my most primitive level, I am a survivor.

Though I carry the personal traits with pride (well, I’ll be honest, because being a survivor can also carry connotations of unsophistication, sometimes it makes me feel insecure), as a writer always hearing about “the writer’s voice,” I wonder and worry about the writer with “many voices.”

I’ve self published my piece, Tangled Up in Selves, on my two blogs, this one and Pink Curlers & Post Scripts, seeking answers and others’ thoughts without luck. The essay has now been published by Ezine, which I have convinced myself means it has some relevancy. So, I’m still hunting for some feedback on this concept of the writer with many voices.

You can view the article on Ezine. To view click here, EZINE.

Feedback is warmly welcome!!


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