Now That’s a Beauty Queen

I welcome this post from my other blog,  I wrote it for Pink Curlers & Post Scripts, but it most certainly belongs here too.  I made this decision because as a professor, the statistics regarding sexual assaults in higher education unsettle students silently yet profoundly.  In order to write authentically, intellectually, peacefully, a student must feel safe and supported.  The documentary, Brave Miss World, not only pulls this sneaky, anti-academic putridity out of its hiding place but also educates its viewers on this global epidemic while it humanizes stats and facts.  Brave Miss World sheds light as much as it enables deep reflection aka engaging written response pieces from students.

One of every four college women in the US survive rape or attempt at rape.

In South Africa, it is more likely for a woman to be raped than educated.
–documented in Brave Miss World

Many of us hear about rape, encounter it or avoid it. It dwells in every human realm. Social class, nationality, skin color or ethnicity do not prevent it from spreading. Rape continues to remove choice, remove opportunity, spread disease, perpetuate false notions and ruin lives (on both ends). It seems unavoidable, particularly when placed in the context of gender inequality. It seems hopeless.

Meet Brave Miss World, Miss World ’98, Linor Abargil.

She captures eyes with this hot shot, but she will take your breath away when you read about her foremost goal and passion in life. Her documentary leaves you heartbroken, educated but empowered and ready for change. The doc is on Netflix, entitled, Brave Miss World, and her website is . Linor manages to reveal the vulnerability of herself and all women as much as she demonstrates her power and the power of women. Watch as she places herself on the line determinedly, compassionately with full force and focus for the cause of ending rape. She’s a Beauty Queen as you have never seen before.

The website is riveting with true survivor stories, including hers, contact for film screening and unifying forums. It’s when I watched the documentary that Linor really comes to life. You fall for her in a heart beat. We see her give powerful speeches, fight her own emotional breakdowns, rush her adorable little dog to poop already and heal survivors simply by listening. In other words, she captures your attention and your heart. Most likely, she will inspire proactive ness in you while she will make you want to grab a coffee with her.